White Pearls Yunnan

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Mystifying Forest of Yunnan

"Mighty woods with pillars high,
Constant rain with droplets falling hard,
A forgotten path is hidden under roots old,
Led by the green scent of pines strong.
Layered webs under shadows of ferns,
Tender curtains, strings of white water pearls,
Waving in the wind, shining shy,
Whispering, or is it thought of mine?"

- Nezar Mahmoud

This delicious white tea is one of the rarest in the world. Picked in winter months in the ancient forest of Yunnan from wild growing tea trees, the blossoms are then dried in the sun. They are also called "white Pu-erh" because of the extended storage period, which achieves different grades of ripeness. A delicate, mellow scent coupled with a floral freshness produces a wondrous, light-golden infusion. 

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  • Yunnan province in China

  • Ideal quantity: 1.5 heaped teaspoon per cup / 200ml 

    Temperature:  80°C 

    Infusion time:  5 mins (Note: You can enjoy a second brew, temperature 85°C for 3 mins!)

    Store in a cool & dark place

  • This tea has many health benefits due to polyphenols and a high concentration of antioxidants. The shorter processing means that the tea leaves hold on to more catechins than other tea varieties. Catechins are polyphenols that may trigger a potent antioxidant effect on free radicals when consumed.

  • Pair with berries and exotic fruits

  • White tea. Sustainably sourced & all-natural.