February 17, 2021

Coffee vs Tea in times of Bitcoin Bonanza

By Nezar Mahmoud
Cups with hot beverages, one side with tea, the other side with coffee

Nezar here; former management consultant from Germany, life-long tea enthusiast, and now Pink Tea Café. Some thoughts on the current bitcoin explosion, investment approaches and how it relates to personal hot-drink choices. Yes, a bit of a stretch, but here it goes:
First, it is all over the social media and TV news: Bitcoin is scratching the barrier of 50.000 USD this week. What a rebound since its last crash three years ago - and I do not have a stake in this bonanza. I try to be tough and not give in to this temptation. We are supposed to be in an economic crisis driven by the Covid pandemic and Brexit - people are dying, and the high streets are deserted. However, financial markets are roaring; what a bizarre world. And let's not forget the spectacular case of Gamestop just a few weeks ago: Millennials pushing the stock price to the stars through a concentrated short-squeeze effort against hedge funds betting against this company. A spectacular battle is what I saw from afar.
This is when my WhatsApp gets particularly busy with passionate discussions amongst friends: Is it the right time to jump on the bandwagon to make a quick buck or even a big single! And some do jump. It is a kick of excitement similar to the widespread daily coffee fix, getting the second Nespresso & Starbucks shot before it hits 11 am. This is where the effects of short-term trading and coffee consumption go hand-in-hand: exciting in the specific moment, but looking back, it is not really satisfactory in most cases and therefore easily forgotten.
From my own experience building up my financial safety net during my years in the corporate world: a long-term approach to investments works. It is like drinking Japanese Sencha tea, and it takes time, focus and there are no shortcuts. Getting the right ingredients from trusted sources, preparing the tea step by step, and finally enjoying the first, second, and perhaps the third infusion with all the Sencha goodness throughout the day. And before you know it, you want the ceremony as much as the tea.
So be a tea drinker!

For more thoughts on long-term investment, I highly recommend the great article  ‘Algebra of Wealth’ from the super-entertaining Scott Galloway - his blog is incredible. In short: 

Focus x Stoicism x Time x Diversification = Wealth

Tea ceremony

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