Will you do tea bags in the future?

We choose loose leaf to capture the full essence of tea without it needing alteration to fit inside a teabag. We are currently working on handstitched teabags which will enable the full loose leaf to fit inside without alteration. We also have a policy to avoid using plastic - most teabags are made up of plastics!

Are your teas organic?

Most of our teas are organic but they just haven't been through the organic certification process which proves too costly for our small farmers. The ones labelled organic are those which could afford to go through the organic certification process.

What is Matcha?

Packed with nutrients, matcha has a distinctive vegetal character with a lingering sweetness. Matcha is made from the leaves of a high-quality green tea called tencha. The tea is cultivated for six weeks under the shade of a “tana” - a structure with black matting. With minimal sunlight, the plant increases its production of chlorophyll and other nutrients in order to grow, enabling it to retain a high concentration of antioxidants, flavour and colour. Once picked the leaves are steamed as quickly as possible to halt the process of oxidation. The next step is for the leaves to be dried, destemmed and deveined using electrostatic machinery. In the final step  the leaves are ground in a hand-carved stone mill. It takes around 1 hour to grind 35-40g of tea, any faster and the leaf can overheat, turning yellow and flavourless. It is one of the most labour-intensive teas produced in the world.

What is Pink Tea?

Pink Tea (also known as Kashmiri Chai) is a drink that warms the soul in its appearance and taste. Originating from Kashmir, it was traditionally used as a medicinal drink. It is made using a special green tea leaf rolled into tight pellets that retain its subtly sweet, smooth flavour and honeyed aroma.

Green tea leaves undergo a special brewing process for 2 hours with cardamom, cinnamon and brown sugar until it turns to a deep crimson red colour. It is then lightened to pink upon adding milk and served with crushed pistachio.

A sweet, mellow chai with a light buttery texture and nutty crunch. It is rarely found in London because of the skill and time it takes in making. If you would like a masterclass on how to create this special chai please reach out to us. Otherwise you can follow us @Pinkteacafe to hear the news of our café launch that will serve this fresh every day.

How should I store my tea?

All tea should be kept in a cool dark place, away from moisture and odours. Exposure to these over time will cause the tea to deteriorate and lose flavour. 

Because black teas are more heavily oxidized than oolong teas, green teas and white teas, they keep their freshness for longer. Green teas, white teas and light oolong teas are best within two to three months of opening.

How much loose leaf tea should I use per cup?

Each tea has individual brewing instructions which are listed on the product tabs in the website and also on the tea jar. The instructions also offer the number of minutes and temperature for brewing. 

Can I order a sample?

Yes we can send you free samples, you will just have to pay for delivery.


How long will my baklava last?

To ensure you enjoy our freshly baked baklava at its best, we encourage you to enjoy it within 5 days of opening. Please be assured that baklava does not go off after this date. However, it may have lost a little of its perfect texture. As soon as baklava is exposed to air and moisture, the texture is affected. We pride ourselves on using no artificial preservatives. The best before end date is written on the box and is around 5 weeks from the order date.

How should I store the baklava if I am waiting to gift it?

Store the baklava gift box in a cool and dark place, away from direct sunlight. 

Can I choose the colour of my box?

The baklava regular comes in a pink box, the baklava vegan comes in a green box and the baklava light comes in a blue box, but we all have strong preferences! So if you want a different colour please send us an email as soon as you place your order with your full name address and colour request. 

 Do you have baklava for Vegans?

Yes we do! We have two products suitable for vegans. Our Baklava Vegan is made using sugar, and the Baklava Light is made using sugar-substitute Xylitol and both are suitable for vegans.


What are the allergens in your products?

You can find on our website allergens listed in bold in the "Ingredients & Allergy Information" section. Here we also have a safety warning listed for our handcrafted baklava which contains nuts.

Why did I not receive an order confirmation?

If you haven't received a confirmation email, there is a possibility that it has been placed in the spam section of your email. If the problem persists, do not hesitate to contact us on info@pinkteacafe.com.

Can I get a personal service for a very large order?

If you have an order over £500 it will be our pleasure to assist you. Please contact us on WhatsApp +442038446495.

Can I recycle the packaging?

We made conscious choices to ensure our packaging is eco-freindly. Our boxes are also made from mostly recycled material. For us, doing good and tasting good are inseparable.

The tea jars and cork are of course reusable and can also be recycled. If you prefer to order a tea pouch and fill your jar you can do this by selecting the option on the product page and receive £1.50 discount for the pouch.

Can I make a booking?

Please email us at info@pinkteacafe.com or send us a WhatsApp message on +442038446495. We will endeavour to respond and confirm your booking within 24 hours.