Pink Tea

Pink Tea Café was just about to launch as a physical café in central London. But 2020 had other plans, and so we began online instead. We are excited to announce our launch in Mayfair in February 2022! Here, we will serve this divine drink and fulfil our original vision!

So What is Pink Tea?

Pink tea (also known as Kashmiri Chai) is a drink that warms the soul in its appearance and taste. Originating from Kashmir, it was traditionally used as a medicinal drink. It is made using a unique green tea leaf rolled into compressed pellets that retain its subtly sweet, smooth flavour and honeyed aroma.
Green tea leaves undergo a unique brewing process for 2 hours with cardamom and cinnamon turning it to a deep crimson red colour. It is then lightened to pink upon adding milk and served with crushed pistachio.
A sweet, mellow chai with a light buttery texture and nutty crunch. It is rarely found in London because of the skill and time in making. This chai is a symbol of hospitality, a customary divine drink that brings people together and fosters deep conversations. In line with our mission: to bring joy, inspiration, and a moment of magic,a core part of our offering is regular ‘Chai Chat’ events, Qawwali music nights, and poetry evenings.”

If you would like a masterclass on creating this special chai, please reach out to us. Otherwise, you can follow us @Pinkteacafe to hear more about our events at the cafe!