November 09, 2021

My Rules of Life.

By Tabassum Awan
A photo of the Founder in Notting Hill against a background of Spring Wisteria

1) Don’t resist so compulsively.

Sometimes nature brings forth a great wisdom that is beyond comprehension. So go with the flow and take everything in your stride.

2) The breath is a portal to the ‘now’.

Do we want life to fly by, being in thoughts of everything else but that which is in front of us? Use the power of deep controlled breaths from the belly to clear the mind, and set yourself free from the shackles of your thoughts, even if it is just for a few moments. See what magic arises the more you do this.

3) Speak less but speak well.

Remember that your language is much more than just words. Be mindful and conscious about everything you say.

4) Take things lightly.

Especially when it comes from loved ones. Perhaps they didn’t know rule number 3. In 100 years from now we will all be dust. Perhaps no one will even know of our existence. We will be forgotten. So do away with grudges and realise how insignificant disagreements are.

5) Take the middle path; the gateway to balance.

I would often take on something new and over exert myself. Running was an example. I went from nothing to running over 10 miles a day, with a backpack after work from Canary Wharf all the way to Notting Hill as my training for the half marathon. My lack of taking the middle path and perhaps starting with just half the distance was quite obviously going to cause me tendonitis! So now I build things up gradually, more steadily, more surely, which is also more sustainable in the long ‘run’.

6) You don’t need to control every little thing.

We think that the power is in our hands and we can control everything. Well COVID certainly changed that thinking for everyone to a degree. Know that there is something bigger than you that is taking care of you. For me, it is God. Everything is unfolding just as it should. I take clear determined actions, but then I should leave the rest up to God. He is the best of planners.


  • Sharn on November 14, 2021

    Thank you for this..such lovely words :-)

  • Tabassum on November 14, 2021

    Hi Atif, Thank you for your comment! I believe that by practising these attributes you can become a more spiritual being.

  • Atif on November 10, 2021

    Nice read Tabassum

    Do you think if you are in touch with your spiritual side, most of the above qualities are attainable?

  • Sana Ali on November 09, 2021

    Loved this so much Tabassum! Thank you for all the useful insights as always :)

  • Nikhita V on November 09, 2021

    Tabassum, this was such a beautiful read! My personal favourite was number 6 – it’s something I work on every single day! :)

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