Press release: London, February 2022.

The Chai you’ve never tried before. 

Visit Pink Tea Café for a taste of Kashmir.

Pink Tea Café brings the authentic chai culture of South Asia to the heart of London, opening on February 23rd 2022 in Mercato Mayfair, North Audley Street, London. 

The signature drink, Pink Tea (also known as Kashmiri Chai), is rarely found because of the skill and time it takes to cook. Organic green tea leaves undergo a unique two hour brewing process which founder, Tabassum, describes as both ‘a science and art’ to achieve the velvet consistency and naturally pink colour.  Also on the menu is an array of fresh artisan parathas, and homemade classic cakes with a sophisticated twist - they are for more than just a selfie. Fancy a cardamom infused scone with clotted cream?

Tabassum left 12 years of Investment banking behind to pursue her passion. She first discovered Pink Tea on a trip to the Himalayas and promised herself to bring it to London. 

“Pink Tea warms the soul through its blush pink appearance, rich aroma, delicately sweet taste and unforgettable buttery texture. This chai is a symbol of hospitality, a customary divine drink that brings people together and fosters deep conversations. In line with our mission: to bring joy, inspiration, and a moment of magic, a core part of our offering are regular ‘Chai Chat’ events, Qawwali music nights, and poetry evenings.”

There couldn't have been a more perfect setting for the launch of this fine chai concept. Mercato Mayfair is housed in the stunning St Mark’s Church, which went through a two-year, £5 million restoration. 

“As well as the majestic setting,  the sustainability values of Mercato Mayfair are closely aligned with ours; ingredients are fresh, artisanal and sustainably sourced and we share the ethos of celebrating culture and community.”

St Mark's Church in Mayfair North Audley Street Mercato Mayfair food hall

Imagine the sweet, spiced aroma arousing the senses as the Tea Chef theatrically aerates the chai from heights above the pot, in a majestic setting with opulent furnishings and traditional floor seating.

And you will begin to think about the number of wondrous things there are in this world that you still have to discover. But for now, check out Pink Tea Café.

Address: Mercato Mayfair, North Audley Street, London, W1K 6ZA
Instagram: @pinkteacafe